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Understanding How Terpenes Affect Flavour Profiles

Do you know how some cultivars are named for their fragrance and flavour? Examples of this include Tangie for its citrusy sweet taste, Sour Diesel for its powerful fuel-like fragrance, and Cheese which is known for its deliciously cheesy flavour profile, well, the chemical compounds that are responsible for flavour and fragrance are called Terpenes

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How to Set Up Your Instagram Account to See Cannabis Content

Canadian cannabis companies have limited options for communicating products to consumers. Despite Cannabis Act marketing regulations that impact what we can share, social media is still one of the best options brands have at our disposal. Instagram is hugely popular with cannabis-loving Canadians and cannabis companies love to show off their brands on the platform

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How To Care For Your Pipe

No matter how you prefer to consume your cannabis flower there are steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the best experience and flavour possible.  Ask an expert: how to care for your pipe If you’re a fan of old-school glass or ceramic pipes, we always recommend smoking out of a clean unit to

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Black Tuna And the Story of the Miami Smugglers

If you’re new to the joys of Black Tuna you may be concerned about the aroma – don’t worry this cultivar wasn’t named for its fragrance, which, thanks to a strong terpene profile is skunky, earthy, and a little spicy.  How Black Tuna Got Its Name Back in the day, when it was grown in

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At Pistol and Paris, we know that with regulations comes safer and cleaner cannabis compared to the legacy market. We welcome Health Canada’s strict regulations and feel great that cannabis smokers are protected by regulations around growing practices. By buying legally consumers are making sure the products they consume is clean, without pesticides or other foreign matter.
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