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THE cannabis FARMS

THE cannabis FARMS

We are focused on procuring B.C. bud because we are proud of the quality our cultivation partners produce. Pistol and Paris is upholding the international reputation of BC bud as some of the best cannabis in the world. 

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We are excited to announce we have been approved by Agassiz to finally build our micro cannabis facility, Pistol and Paris Farms! Once our facility opens next Fall 2022, our cannabis farms focus will be producing fire cannabis for Pistol and Paris. Watch for updates when we break ground and start the building process, stay tuned!

We take pride in the fact that our master grower has 35 years of experience growing cannabis and as a team, we are laser-focused on production quality, consistency, and bringing unique cultivars to curious and enthusiastic consumers.

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Exceptional cannabis isn’t the only thing JBuds is working toward. The family has a history of working on environmental cleanup projects in the Canadian North and works hard to ensure limits on the environmental impact of all activities that JBuds is involved with. As one of the best cannabis farms that first nation owned company with 75% First Nations leadership team they encourage a diverse working environment and have implemented training programs to encourage professional development for all staff. At Pistol and Paris, we know that with regulations comes safer and cleaner weed compared to the legacy market.

We welcome Health Canada’s strict regulations and feel great that weed smokers are protected by regulations around growing practices in cannabis farms. By buying legally consumers are making sure the weed they consume is clean, without pesticides or other foreign matter. This family owned and operated micro-cultivation facility in Summerland, B.C. grew the Blackberry Breath and Orange Tingz flower found in our premium pre-rolls and new 3.5gram glass jars, available across B.C.and Alberta

A desire to find a business venture that would keep the family close and working together in the Okanagan Valley led to the creation of JBuds. Brothers Noah and Dillion Johnson work together to lead the cultivation team. Having grown up together off the grid in the Northwest Territories, the brothers have a strong connection and they cultivate the crops with care and attention. Harvests are hang dried and slow cured and  all stages including hanging, drying, trimming and storage happen in carefully controlled environments.

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The team behind Vancouver Island’s Verte West is focused on high-quality flower using traditional methods: hang dry, hand trim, in soil, with no pesticides. They tend to the plants themselves every day because they know that automation doesn’t make for great cannabis.

Verte West was originally born in 2014. When the Conservative party, under Stephen Harper, was opening up the Medical Cannabis market to new licensees and a whole new system. Original founders Tyler and Erik got together to discuss what it would look like to move from the grey market to the legal medical market – and Verte West was born of that ambition. Soon, they grew from two people to four including Tyler’s brother, Derek. Today, Verte West is entirely owned and operated by family.

Over two and a half years they built their facility, planning, strategizing, and learning as they went. In 2019 the beautiful, custom-built facility in the Cowichan Valley was complete and soon the team was producing flower including the organic Black Triangle sold under the Pistol and Paris brand. 

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A company rooted from seeds deep in the legacy market. Tri-City Smoke has over 50 years cultivation experience producing some of the legacy markets most sought after product. When the opportunity arouse to transfer that knowledge and skill to the medical and recreational market they started Tri-City Smoke. An artisan style Micro licensed facility with 5 x 400sq rooms, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality product. With a hands on approach their passion for cannabis and desire for excellence, they are always pushing the industry forward.

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The Victoria Cannabis Company is a Micro Cultivation team made up of true British Columbia Legacy operators. Each member of the team has their own deep connection and history with the plant. From the basements of East Vancouver to the clandestine valleys of the interior, the knowledge, passion and perseverance of this team have culminated together to grow Craft Flower worthy of the historical significance of British Columbia Cannabis. Like the members of our team, each cultivar has its own story, profile and history. Within each part, we pay homage to the breeders, culture and community of British Columbia. We are respectful curators of this journey….and can’t wait to share it with all.

The Victoria Cannabis Company is located in Victoria West, a stones throw from the Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island. It is comprised of 2 Micro Cultivation facilities and one Nursery, licensed by Health Canada.

Led by lifelong friends and growing partners Jason and Carl, Lotus is a passionate and experienced team of legacy cannabis growers that transitioned to the legal Canadian market in 2014. Lotus built its own 22,500 square foot indoor facility with the goal to produce the cleanest and most consistent premium-craft cannabis at scale. As Lotus stems from being designated medical growers, their team is committed to providing their consumers with cannabis they can trust, harvest after harvest.

Growing up together in the North Okanagan, B.C. shaped the Lotus standard of quality which is experienced today. Lotus provides hands-on care and the optimal environment during each stage of the growing process yielding healthier cannabis and more consistent lab test results. The Lotus team harvests a “small-batch” flowering room every 12 days providing some of the freshest flower in the industry, and each harvest is hang-dried and slowly cured, hand-trimmed, and hand-packaged to preserve the integrity of the flower.

Lotus has had its flower sold in every province and has completed over 100 harvests to date without any crop failures. As growers for some of the top brands in Canada, Lotus is excited to bring its own brand to market in 2023.

grow for us

are you interested in growing for pistol and paris?

We partner with growers who produce small batches of the high-quality, clean, gassy craft flower that Pistol and Paris can proudly stand behind. We’re excited about being able to play a role in bringing B.C. legacy cannabis to market, working with farmers who have been perfecting their craft for years, taking legacy cannabis to a new level.

Do you produce small batches of craft flower with high THC and terpene profiles? We offer some of the best terms and options for payments and most importantly, we do what we say we’re going to do! We’d love to meet you, please say hi!

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