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THE cannabis FARMS

THE cannabis FARMS

We are focused on procuring B.C. bud because we are proud of the quality our cultivation partners produce. Pistol and Paris is upholding the international reputation of BC bud as some of the best cannabis in the world. 

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We are excited to announce we have been approved by Agassiz to finally build our micro cannabis facility, Pistol and Paris Farms! Once our facility opens next Fall 2022, our cannabis farms focus will be producing fire cannabis for Pistol and Paris. Watch for updates when we break ground and start the building process, stay tuned!

We take pride in the fact that our master grower has 35 years of experience growing cannabis and as a team, we are laser-focused on production quality, consistency, and bringing unique cultivars to curious and enthusiastic consumers.

Established in 2020 and licensed at the beginning of 2023, Amani Craft is a small family run craft cannabis producer in beautiful Lake Country, BC. Designed, built, owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Amin and Anna Hasham, the Amani Craft micro-cultivation facility brings together the engineering mindset and the art of small-batch cannabis cultivation. systems. Each harvest produced is whole plant hang dried, cold cured and hand trimmed to perfection.
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The team behind Vancouver Island’s Verte West is focused on high-quality cannabis flower using traditional methods: hang dry, hand trim, in soil, with no pesticides. They tend to the plants themselves every day because they know that automation doesn’t make for great cannabis.

Verte West was originally born in 2014, when the government was opening up the Medical Cannabis market to new licensees and a whole new system. Original founders Tyler and Erik got together to discuss what it would look like to move from the grey market to the legal medical market – and Verte West was born of that ambition. Soon, they grew from two people to four including Tyler’s brother, Derek. Today, Verte West is entirely family owned and operated.

They built their facility over the span of two and a half years, planning, strategizing, and learning as they went. In 2019 their beautiful, custom-built facility in the Cowichan Valley was completed and soon after the team was producing top tier recreational cannabis, including Hawaiian Fanta sold under the Pistol and Paris brand.

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Pacific Rim Cannabis has deep roots in cultivation and BC’s Cannabis Culture. Using their legacy honed know-how and experience, its founders were some of the first pioneers and trailblazers of the MMAR market back in 2007. Along with their legacy contemporaries who also transitioned, they helped lay the foundation and framework of the modern legal recreational cannabis market of today.

Pacific Rim specializes in classic old school gas cultivars that people never tire of smoking and are always in high demand. Strains like Lindsay OG, Death Bubba, Rockstar and all the OG and Kush varieties.

All crops are overseen by their experienced Master Grower who has dialed in the process of cultivating, drying and most importantly curing these old school strains to reach their utmost potency and potential. Details matter, and Pacific Rim always takes each crop to full term and completion, with a 2-week hang dry coupled with a 2-week cold cure. Doing so ensures a finished product that on the west coast we simply regard as pure fire.

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are you interested in growing for pistol and paris?

We partner with growers who produce small batches of the high-quality, clean, gassy craft flower that Pistol and Paris can proudly stand behind. We’re excited about being able to play a role in bringing B.C. legacy cannabis to market, working with farmers who have been perfecting their craft for years, taking legacy cannabis to a new level.

Do you produce small batches of craft flower with high THC and terpene profiles? We offer some of the best terms and options for payments and most importantly, we do what we say we’re going to do! We’d love to meet you, please say hi!

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