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pink panties

Pink Panties is an Indica dominant Hybrid, and is a cross between Burmese Kush and Florida Kush. Aptly named, this cultivar boasts medium dense flowers with a combination of pale orange and striking pink pistils. These delicately manicured buds are covered by glistening trichomes that can appear pink in the right light. Pink Panties is available in BC, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


PistolandParis Pink panties mylar image

3.5g Flower

3.5g Flower packaged in Mylar Bags

3 x 0.5 PRE-ROLLS

Premium AAAA (0.5g) Pre-Rolls x 3

7g flower

7g Flower packaged in Mylar Bags

14g Flower

14g Flower packaged in Mylar Bags


The nose is loud, floral, and tangy grapefruit with light Chem notes.


Tart and tangy citrus flavours paired with a sweet and floral profile balanced with a herbal exhale.

bud structure

Medium size average density buds, green to deep purple hues and generously coated in frosty trichomes.

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