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Legendary Larry Pre-Rolls (3)

Grown in BC’s North Okanagan, this Indica dominant cultivar boasts high THC and a powerful fragrance punch featuring strong notes of spice, earth and wood. A cross between Nepali OG and ’88 G-13 Hashplant, Legendary Larry’s lineage is unique to many consumers but hits with classic Indica effects.

Lineage: Nepali OG and '88 G-13 Hashplant

Quality flower is everything when it comes to great pre-rolls, in the case of ours, we’re talking 100% cannabis flower, no shaky pre-rolls here!

Premium AAAA (0.5g) Pre-Rolls x 3

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This cultivar is known for its strong fragrance of woody earth tones and spice.

Hand rolled to Perfection

We take care to grind the flower to a consistent particle size which helps the final product burn smoothly.

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A pervasive flavour of earthiness with undertones of  rich spiciness.

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Copper Island Cannabis@copperislandcannabis
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Not only is this another legacy-turned legal success story, but they are local to BC and growing in popularity across Canada for their unique and potential cultivators.
Gro Cannabis @grocannabis
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Legendary Larry pre-rolls dispel all potency myths with genetics all the way from Orange County Cali. I was thoroughly impressed...packed right for a slow burn, clean ash, delicious flavour and happy calm high!

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