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Notorious &

Hawaiian Fanta

10 x 0.5g Premium AAAA Pre-rolls

A ten pack of 0.5g prerolls, this AM/PM combo contains two distinct and contrasting cultivars. Notorious is a couch locking Indica with a classic Kush aroma profile, while Hawaiian Fanta is an exotic premium Sativa with a pineapple soda-like aroma and taste.

our growers

our growers

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The team behind Vancouver Island’s Verte West is focused on high-quality flower using traditional methods: hang dry, hand trim, in soil, with no pesticides. They tend to the plants themselves every day because they know that automation doesn’t make for great cannabis.

Pacific Rim Cannabis has deep roots in cultivation and BC’s Cannabis Culture. Using their legacy honed know-how and experience, its founders were some of the first pioneers and trailblazers of the MMAR market back in 2007.

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