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How to Set Up Your Instagram Account to See Cannabis Content

Canadian cannabis companies have limited options for communicating products to consumers. Despite Cannabis Act marketing regulations that impact what we can share, social media is still one of the best options brands have at our disposal.
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Instagram is hugely popular with cannabis-loving Canadians and cannabis companies love to show off their brands on the platform but it’s still tricky to connect there. Instagram’s Community Guidelines add another layer of stringent restrictions and cannabis companies fall afoul of the rules easily and often, resulting in shadowbans, suspensions and page deletions that come without warning or recourse. 

The Pistol and Paris Instagram page is protected by an age gate, restricting access to adults 19 years or older. In order to access our content, your settings must indicate that you are at least 19 years old.

From Instagram’s help desk: “Some accounts, like alcohol brands, post content that’s meant for older audiences. These accounts may choose to restrict their content to people who are over a certain age. To determine whether you’re able to see a restricted account, we may use information you provide on Instagram or on Facebook (our parent company). You may need to update your Instagram app to the most recent version to see restricted accounts.” 

If you visit our profile page and cannot see any content, this is the most likely reason so we’re going to explain how to update your settings to be able to access restricted content. 

If you’ve connected your Facebook account and you want to update your birthday, you can edit it on Facebook or change it on Instagram. If you haven’t connected your Facebook account, you can add or edit your birthday directly on your Instagram profile.

To add or edit your birthday on your Instagram app for Android and iPhone:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

  2. Tap Edit Profile.

  3. Tap Personal Information Settings.

  4. Tap Birthday and enter your date of birth or tap Update on Facebook.

Note that once you add your birthday to your profile, it can’t be removed. Also, your birthday won’t be shared with other people on Instagram.

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