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Understanding How Terpenes Affect Flavour Profiles

Do you know how some cultivars are named for their fragrance and flavour? Examples of this include Tangie for its citrusy sweet taste, Sour Diesel for its powerful fuel-like fragrance, and Cheese which is known for its deliciously cheesy flavour profile, well, the chemical compounds that are responsible for flavour and fragrance are called Terpenes and we’ve talked about Limonene, one of the dominant terpenes in our Sunset Sherbert in the past.
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Terpenes are aromatic essential oils produced by the cannabis flower’s sticky resin glands and they’re not just a weed thing. Terpenes can be found in most plants and foods, so whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you’ve definitely experienced what terpenes have to offer. While the differences can be subtle, each cannabis strain has its own unique terpene content and composition making them more or less recognizable to the discerning palette. Fun fact: Experts believe that terpenes developed naturally as a preservation tool, repelling predators, attracting pollinators, and supporting plant development. Isn’t nature incredible?

Protecting Against Degradation

Something important to note is that terpene levels degrade over time and the process can be hastened if the flower isn’t properly stored. That’s another reason we package our flower products in Nitro Tins, click here to learn more about the benefits of the Nitro Tin. To best preserve your stash’s terpene profile, you can continue to use the Nitro Tin it came in. Once the hermetically sealed lid is opened the plastic outer lid is reusable and airtight. Keep your weed in a cool, dry place. Too much heat will dry out the terpenes and plant matter leaving you with a harsh smoking experience. Avoid using plastic bags or containers for long-term storage. Plastic has a static charge that can attract trichomes and you don’t want to lose any of those! If you take precautions to properly store your cannabis it should last about six months to one year before losing considerable potency and flavor.

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