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Pistol and Paris Robbery Agassiz BC

BC Cannabis Company Suffers Significant Robbery, Striving to Overcome the Loss

Hey Pistol and Paris Family, as you may have already herd we were robbed early in the morning on July 18th making off with 120KG of our products and has dealt a huge blow to us. If you have any information that can help us find the thieves please contact us! Please see more information below:

A prominent BC-based cannabis processor and brand, recently experienced a distressing incident at their Agassiz facility. In the early hours of July 18, a group of unidentified individuals broke into the small micro processing center, making away with a substantial 120 kg of cannabis. The brazen culprits drove their truck through two gates at the site before gaining access to a shipping container that stored the valuable cannabis. Despite a prompt response from the police, the thieves managed to evade immediate capture and escape with their illicit haul.

Pistrol and Paris Cannabis Robbery 

The company’s owner, Dylan King, expressed his deep concern over the financial blow dealt by the robbery. The stolen cannabis represented a significant portion of their inventory, leaving Pistol and Paris facing a sudden shortage of products and increased demand from their customers. King’s primary worry lies with his dedicated workforce of 13 employees, as the loss jeopardizes their job security.

Cannabis Facility Agassiz Robber Cannabis Facility Agassiz Robber

With an already challenging cannabis industry, grappling with price compressions and business closures, King emphasized the enormity of this incident. The setback is demoralizing, and he remains determined to keep his staff employed despite the adversity.

The stolen products were crucial strains, including Pistol and Paris’ Orange Tings, Blackberry Breath, Notorious, and Pink Goo, which were earmarked for packaging into pre-rolls and 7-gram SKUs. An on-site employee witnessed the robbery and described the perpetrators as driving a black truck.

Lamenting the absence of insurance coverage for the stolen product, King acknowledged that he had underestimated the risk involved, presuming that legality would be enough to deter criminals. He now views the robbery as a wake-up call and intends to implement comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard against future losses. In sharing his experience, King urges others in the legal cannabis industry to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their businesses from potential theft.

While hopeful that the police will recover the stolen cannabis, King remains committed to making significant changes in his business operations. The incident has served as a stark reminder that legal status doesn’t necessarily deter thieves, prompting him to reevaluate security measures and fortify the facility against potential intruders.

As Pistol and Paris work diligently to overcome the setback and replenish their stock, the cannabis community stands in solidarity, supporting their endeavor to bounce back stronger than ever.

For more information you can check out https://stratcann.com/news/bc-cannabis-producer-loses-120-kg-of-cannabis-in-early-morning-burglary/

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