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Article Written By Becky Zimmer, Western Buzz

Along with the sale in Jamaica, King explained he’s had interest in companies from the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel looking to import from Canada and B.C. They are seeing growth in black market cannabis sales, but see Canadian product as a way to create a legal counter culture. They’re worried about how these markets are thriving, said King, and Canada has more than enough supply to fill those demand for legal, high quality products.

“It’s not just me … There’s a lot of other brands or licensed producers that are focused on exporting too, because their vaults are filling up here in Canada. If they can unload stuff to Europe, Australia or wherever it might be, is really going to take that pressure off of the Canadian market. By clearing out some of these vaults here in Canada, the price per gram seems to just keep going down.”

Pistol and Paris owner Dylan King. (Submitted photo/Dylan King)

His further goal from the sale was to build that relationship with hopes of importing Jamaican products that aren’t currently available into Canada.

Government officials are still deliberating on what that back and forth will look like, so King is still waiting on their decision, he said.

“I’ve been through lots of plantations over there. What my goal is I want to get some of their outdoor weed that I’ve been a part of and bring it in under one of my other brands that I’m going to be launching here in Canada within the next month.”

Pistol and Paris is prepared for the demand, said King, and he isn’t the only licensed producer that is.



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